Why Missionaries are extremely destructive

Missionaries do good things. They feed the poor, they help build houses and schools. They give away clothing and money to the needy. This makes them no different from the Red Cross. What  makes them different is their horrific indoctrination of the masses. They take advantage of the lack of eduction and poverty of the people they are helping. I believe this at it’s core is very evil. However, I don’t think the people involved in the indoctrinating know what they’re doing (in most cases). They’re blinded by their own faith and self-righteousness to see the destruction they cause.

The Church I came from (which currently I’ve decided to keep private) practices these very methods. They are a pentecostal church with fanatical roots. They believe the only way to heaven is to be born-again. They believe in speaking in tongues, being filled with the holy spirit, and abstinence until marriage. Most of them are middle-class to high-middle class. They drive nice cars, wear the newest clothing, and live in comfortable suburban homes. The members that obey give at least 10 percent of their income to the church. This is precisely how the church sustains it’s multi-million dollar building with state of the art technology. The workers of the church have top of the line equipment and most of them have iPhones, Macbook Pros, and new cars. This information will make sense shortly, as it’s another subject I’ll be touching on along side of the missionary issue.

This Church goes on an annual missions trip to Africa. Their ‘missions’ statement provided on their website is the following:

God has entrusted us with His message – a message of hope for a world that has no hope. John wrote in his gospel, Chapter 3, beginning with verse sixteen, “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have eternal life. For God did not send the Son into the world to judge the world, but that the world should be saved through Him.”

So, the primary goal of these Africa Missions trips is not to feed or clothe. The goal isn’t to build new homes or new schools. The primary objective is to use these works in order to indoctrinate the people. Unfortunately these people will not think that is the case. They believe they have a right to fly to other countries and tell people how they should be living. This particular video I find quite frightening:

These are only children, with minds easy to mold, not to mention their education certainly isn’t up to par with even Bible Belt schools. From the beginning they don’t even have the opportunity to learn otherwise.

When I think of missionary trips, I assume these people are helping starving African children:

However, this is quite the opposite case. This particular Church goes to Namibia, where 80% of the population is already Christian. Also, these aren’t poor or starving people. These are NOT the people that need help. I literally had to take a break just now out of infuriation. Namibia is fucking tourist central for Africa. Tourism makes up 14.5% of their GDP and provides 18.2% of their employment. In the UN Food Programme shown below, Namibia isn’t even listed:

All this Church’s missions trips amount to is a glorified vacation for a bunch of suburban kids that want to secure their place in heaven. In fact, after a certain amount of days worked, they go on four-wheeling adventures, safaris, and dune climbing expeditions. Pictures are provided below, faces are blurred to keep privacy.

This picture made me particularly angry. Eat up missionary.

Now let’s compare the children they’re helping compared to the children that need help:

Real starving child in need of help.

Children "in need."

Real starving child.

More children "in need."

Utterly disgusting. What bothers me the most is that these people come back to their church and feel good about what they’re doing while the children that really need helped are starving away. The sad part about all of this is I grew up around these people. Some of these people are part of my immediate family. I was and am friends with many of them. But the more and more I think about this, the more I find them extremely selfish and self-righteous.

Let’s take a look at the ways they indoctrinate children. Surprisingly (yes, sarcasm) they are not different at all from the ways I was indoctrinated as a child. (See the Documentary “Jesus Camp.”) They use puppets, human videos (essentially live plays), balloon animals, games, etc. Here are some pictures:

Hi we're puppets! Believe in God, it's fun!

A strange Karate, Superman, good vs evil sketch.

Why must there be strings attached? Why can’t these people just travel to Africa and help the needy out of the goodness of their heart? They’ll tell you it’s out of the goodness of their heart, but that’s not the case. They do it because the scripture tells them to. They do it because if they do, they’ll be rewarded in the afterlife. They do it because they have a burden to. They’re told that if these people aren’t taught about God they’ll burn in hell.

Something that disgusted me yet even more: the Church in this article flew a group of the African children to the US in order to have them sing in front of the congregation. So they spent thousands to fly these kids halfway around the world just to showcase them like zoo animals. What that money could have done to hundreds of needy people I don’t know.

There’s an almost racist sense when it comes to how the Church views itself compared to those they’re helping. While there are millions really starving, they feel content with helping the suburban kids of Africa, and they love posting themselves surrounded by them. Why do these people need more help than those in our country in similar circumstances? Does being a “missionary” mean you just need to help poor black people in one of the best off areas of Africa?

I currently donate to the Red Cross because I know it won’t go towards indoctrinating people. I know it will help the real starving and suffering people of the earth. Keep in mind I’m an atheist, I’m not doing this for reward or some sort of karma. I’m doing it because I value humanity and don’t want people to suffer. If you are reading this and you’re part of the problem I have laid out, please open your eyes and at the very least think about what I’ve said. My purpose here may seem like a vendetta against the Church I’m from. I assure you, my intention is to open eyes, not cause anger. I am certain, however, that people will get angry from this, and those that are probably won’t even read this.

Don’t spend money to send these people on vacation. How much of the money spent on four-wheeling or safaris could help the real starving people of Africa?

For those of you that partake in this indoctrination, you should be ashamed of yourselves. I’m all for you believing what you want, but you’re taking advantage of people in worser circumstances than yourself.

If you want to really help people in need, please go here: Red Cross


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51 Responses to Why Missionaries are extremely destructive

  1. Jessica Lester says:

    I completely agree that what you are saying is accurate in many cases for many churches. But I just want to open your eyes on two things. And before you read this, just so you are aware, take note that I am simply an 18 year old planning on entering a bible college in the fall and majoring in missions.

    So first, you point out that Namibia is a tourist attraction and they are also well off. More well off than many other countries in Africa. Well, they are not well off AND a tourist attraction. They are well off BECAUSE they are a tourist attraction.

    Next, when you look at the second picture you posted of countries facing starvation in Africa, you can see that Zambia IS on that list at number 5. Zambia happens to be the country I plan on living in and serving for the rest of my life. I am going to be a missionary and according to your standards of a country that needs help, I plan on helping the right one.

    I just want you to take note and maybe give a bit more credit to those of us Christians who, yes live through and for Christ, but are living and serving in an appropriate way. We are not all self righteous. I live to serve those in need and I want you to know that me and many other Christians have true hearts for that which matter.

    By the way, I only believe in informing those, who do not know about God, what is out there. I do NOT believe in convincing anyone of anything or forcing people to believe what I believe. Everyone has a right to their own beliefs and who is to say who is right.

    Thank you for your honest and powerful Article which has even helped me see things a bit differently. Have a great life and I would love to hear back from you!

    • Zach says:

      Thank you for your response Jessica. I will make a greater effort to look at those who really are helping. I should have made it clearer, I don’t hate all Christians or people of other religions. If you’re going to a truly needy place to help, while I don’t agree about indoctrinating them, at least you’re helping them. This post was more about the large amount of Pentecostals that do what I have described. Thanks for your input, and I hope to hear more of your opinions!

      • Jessica Lester says:

        Thank you for taking the time to read my comment and thank you for being able to appreciate the point I was trying to make. In any case, the point you were trying to make is very true more often than not. I think it is important for more articles like this one to be read by both Atheists and Christians so that more eyes can be opened to the sad truth in our religious sector these days. It is and has been all to often about who is the most right and who can get the most believers, when it should be about truly improving the world (in the name of the lord in my case or in the name of humanity in yours). Anyway, thank you for writing and posting this article and being so educated on what you post.

    • Sarah says:

      I agree with both this well written blog and also your thoughtful response.

      I do want to add- why do people feel the NEED to go outside the country to serve? Is there some sort of God Checklist where you “must have gone outside of your own country and help starving people” to get into heaven I am not aware of?

      In parts of TN there are people who still sleep on dirt floors.

      I volunteer with a Christian based group (not from any certain church, just a group of people who follow the belief of doing positive serving and actual helping) who feed the homeless in my city. The only remotely Christian thing we do is invite everyone to pray. We do not preach, we just open our cars of clothes (we all load up with various clothing and hygiene items and caravan) and food and give. Even if they do not want to pray, we still feed and clothe them or help them find resources to build a better life. THAT is outreach in my mind. We do not talk about how Jesus/God can help them IF they do this or that…we truly believe that as a fellow human being it is our place to help others and that is what God and Jesus wish us to do.

      But that is just me being a hippy. :P I am strongly strongly against brainwashing methods of many church groups, basing the entire faith on stances on “big issues” like abortion and homosexual lifestyle/marriage. If you are with them then you are “pro-God” if you are not with them “then you are going to hell” sort of approach. That isn’t religion…that’s a cult.

      Thank you again for your blog and your response, Jessica. Keep up the good fight. It is not about a certain religion being “right or wrong” it is about how we preach to others and follow it in our own lives that makes US right or wrong to our fellow man.

      • Jessica Lester says:

        I am glad to see that there truly are more out there with a heart for helping others and for Jesus Christ out there! Thank you so much just for being you!

    • Jon Doe says:

      Missionaries are inherently destructive in all situations. There are no exceptions.

      “I only believe in informing those, who do not know about God, what is out there.”

      That’s the problem, let me tell you a true and extremely sad story.

      Back in the 1950′s a young anthropologist was studying a group of African bushmen in the Kalahari Desert. They lived in a small village in south Africa while the anthropologist was there they invited her to come with them on their yearly pilgrimage to an ancient cave. When they arrived at cavern a few weeks later she found a site full of ancient cave paintings.

      The members of the tribe gathered up various types of natural pigments and started doing something that shocked the anthropologist.


      This was a fantastic discovery. Imagine being able to meet someone from a culture that does the same kind of art work our ancestors did before we left the caves. These people have been living that way for thousands of years and some of the art work has been carbon dated at over 6,000 years old! What a gift to our species to be able to look into this single window into the past and get some closer insight into our origins.

      Well the anthropologist left shortly afterwards and informed the scientific community of her findings.

      But by the time a second field expedition had been sent a few years later to study the painters it was too late. The missionaries had gotten their first and convinced them the drawings were evil and that if they kept doing them they would all go to hell.

      The members of the tribe refused to talk about them with anyone and now the old painters are dead. There is not a single Bushman that does cave paintings left anywhere in Africa. That knowledge is gone FOREVER, it was absolutely tragic; a crime against science.


      What Missionaries do is often a kin to finding an ancient library sealed away in a cave for thousands of years and then burning it. Even if the bible were true it not excuse for that kind of destruction.

      The rock art of Africa will likely remain a mystery forever… and it didn’t have to be.

  2. Barry Johnstone says:

    All religions – without exception – take hypocracy to the highest POSSIBLE level and call it a mission! (Go figure) Thank heathens I’m an enthusiastic and committed ATHEIST!

  3. Gary says:

    I don’t mean to be rude but I think your post is logically fallacious on many levels. First of all, you have a few pictures of mission trips with children who seem healthy and then match them with horrible children… as if the group of white kids should have found found the worst looking kids to take pictures with? Second, how can you base whether someone has done important activities or not based on pictures? The message you are seemingly sending is that only starving children with rib cages showing are the only kids worth visiting. And then you say that missionaries only indoctrinate people. First of all I can assure you, the missionaries may indoctrinate people but so does this website. In Matthew 25 Jesus talks about feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, and visiting the lonely; yet you seem to hate the bible. I don’t understand you.

    I don’t know you but it seems like there are deeper emotional issues from your past that you haven’t dealt with, which is why you are so negative toward missionaries or your church which you say you attend. Your blanket statements about missionaries are unsupported by all but your wounded ego and faulty logic. I’m sure there are some missionaries that should be “ashamed” of things… but you should join them for your website. It is truly sad.

    • Zach says:

      I’m very tired of people using some excuse about me having deeper emotional issues. Regardless of that, I’m simply trying to spread reason. And What I’m doing on this site is NOT indoctrination. You have a choice not to listen. I’m not flowering you with food and clothing to get you to listen to me. You chose to come here and read this. Whether I agree with you or not, thanks for your input.

      • James says:

        You want to spread reason? Let’s talk reason.

        You realize that calling something evil and saying that God doesn’t exist is a contradiction.

        Who creates the standard of right and wrong?

        If you think that it is you then you are exactly what you are accusing the Christians of…..being hypocritical and self-righteous.

        Even if you think man creates their own moral standing then you can say that what Hitler did was evil. He thought that was disposing of the “bad eggs” of the human race and he was just speeding up the evolutionary process.

        Without an absolute standard there is no standard at all.

        Also about the fossil record and the Bible.

        The Fossil Record:
        It is the biggest hoax in the evolutionary theory. The only time that you will see the fossil record “mapped out” like it “should” be is in a textbook. When you actually go out on the field and look at the excavations, nothing is like it “should” be. There are far more fallacies than accuracies when it comes to the Fossil Record.

        The Bible:
        Just a few men who wrote a book a few thousand years ago, huh? The Bible is unmatched by any other when it comes to historical documents. There are hundreds of thousands of manuscripts of the Bible and it is historically flawless and you throw it out because of its age, yet you probably fully accept the writings of Aristotle, Plato, Socrates, and Newton who all have less than 100 manuscripts, most even less than 10 manuscripts.

        And you say that we are the illogical ones.

        • Zach says:

          You’re assuming that our morals are god-given in your first statement. Morals are not god-given, they’re man made. Christians just love to tell everyone morals come from the Bible. You’re pretty much saying you’d rape and murder if it wasn’t for the bible. What about the people around the world that aren’t Christians, or never have been told of it, and don’t murder or rape? Religion doesn’t spawn morals. Religion spawns justification for wrong doing. Homosexuals and Adulterers are still getting stoned today over religion. And before you say “well I don’t believe in that,” your Bible TELLS you to do that. How does that show good morals? Your bible tells you to kill non-believers, stone gays and adulterers, and kill your child if he/she disrespects you.

          How is the Fossil Record a hoax? Here’s an image depicting the fossil record leading up to the modern horse:
          Fossil Record of Modern Horse

          Do you REALLY want to say the Bible is unmatched by any other when it comes to historical documents? I could say the same about Charles Darwin’s first edition of “On the Origin of Species.”
          Challenges to the Historicity of the Bible

          You are being willingly ignorant. Stop blindly believing what you’re told and look things up on your own.

  4. Gary says:

    “They’re blinded by their own faith and self-righteousness to see the destruction they cause.” That sounds like a description of yourself :) Cuz ya know… being an atheist requires faith too

    • Zach says:

      Atheism does not require faith. It requires you to look at evidence, and there are mounds and mounds of it. Christianity requires faith because the only source is a book written by several men over thousands of years. I’d rather trust fossil records and our genetic makeup.

      • Peter says:

        Not to sound rude or abrasive, but there are a large number of Christians who believe in evolution, a 6 billion-year-old earth, etc. I don’t think that belief in theses has to be mutually exclusive with a belief in the Christian God.

    • Naomi says:

      How much faith do you need to disbelieve in Zeus and Thor? That is a ridiculous argument.

      • Zach says:

        THIS. Exactly what Naomi just said. Why don’t you believe in the thousands of other gods that aren’t the god of Abraham?

  5. Tom Brusky says:

    I personally hate missionaries, because they just brainwashed people who go around brainwashing others. They are dogma drones, incapable of intelligent thought. When christian missionaries came to the americas, it eventually lead to the death of millions of people and the destruction of numerous indigenous cultures. I’m sure Jesus would have just jumped off a cliff, if he had actually known how destructive his religion would become.

    But at least these missionaries in your post, are ineffective. Visiting a country where 80% of the population is christian, is just preaching to the choir. If they wanted to do the most damage, they would visit a country with a lower percentage of christians, more fertile minds to be bleached.

    • Zach says:

      I agree with most of what you say, but I don’t hate them. I do hate what they do. I was once one of them, and I was just ignorant. Unfortunately for many of them, I think they’re so brainwashed that it’s too late for them to accept any evidence against what they believe. Thanks for your response.

    • Jessica Lester says:

      “When christian missionaries came to the americas, it eventually lead to the death of millions of people and the destruction of numerous indigenous cultures.”
      If you are talking about the Europeans that came to the America’s and basically took over the land and slaughtered many people and destroyed their cultures. These were not missionaries they were specifically people looking for new land to take over and cultivate as their own. As for the people who came to what is known now as the United States, yes they were Christians, but Christians looking to escape the bonds of their countries strict laws. So they were not missionaries to the new world either.

      You seem to be hateful and completely biased to a sect that I have much doubt has done anything malicious towards you personally and it would do you much good to look at the situation and state your opinions in a way closer to the way Zach does. There is nothing wrong with disagreeing with what we as Christians believe, but to poor hatred out towards something that I am convinced you do not completely understand is unreasonable. Do you even have any personal experience with the church that creates a strong foundation for how you feel?

      Be passionate, but be passionate in a way that causes better understanding and not affliction.

  6. Ian says:

    I’m so sick of hearing it takes “faith” to be an atheist. I’m currently typing this from my iPhone and have a Merriam-Webster dictionary app. According to one of the staples used in our modern education an antonym of faith is atheism.

    • Zach says:

      I agree. It seems to be their first argument. I’m also starting to hear “man you must have some suppressed emotional issues.” If the first attack doesn’t work, they go for the personal attack.

  7. Tyler says:

    I mostly agree with your blog post but I do not believe in tolerating the ideas that the Christians are spreading to all reaches of the Earth. Just tolerating them does nothing. It’s in one ear and out of the other like everything else atheists try to tell them.

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    • Zach says:

      Thanks for the link, your article is great. I’ll be sure to pass it around. Wish you the best and hope to hear more from you. I’m adding your site to my bookmarks.

  9. Denise says:

    It’s really sad, but this is largely the truth. Usually these sorts of mission trips are largely for show . . . “look at us, look at us, see, we’re helping!” There are churches and Christian organizations who do go out and help the worst of the worst – but those are dedicated individuals and groups who aren’t in it for the attention or to get brownie points with God. Nor is it easy for them (sadly) to find people who are willing to join their efforts – it’s much easier to convince people, especially young people, to go on the sort of trips you describe. I’m guessing these kids love the idea of doing puppet shows and going on safaris, but they’d have every excuse in the book as to why they couldn’t go to a place rife with disease, parasites, and dying children.

    Sadly, mainstream Christianity is far too comfortable for its own good, and most mainstream Christians don’t want to get their hands dirty and actually help people. Nor do they understand that it doesn’t matter if somebody believes in God if they end up starving to death – and that’s harsh and perhaps sacrilege for me to say as a liberal Christian – but it’s the damn truth. If they go with the goal of improving those peoples’ lives, and just figure that perhaps by their example, these people might come to THEM to discuss religion, it’d be a different story.

    But then, I guess they’ve been indoctrinated too. They’ve lived their comfortable lives, not knowing what it’s like to want for anything. They’ve been told that ‘the good lawd jeeeeesus’ is all they need, and since they’re not destitute, they find it easy to believe. And they’ve been lead to believe that (this is true of a lot of churches) that it isn’t as important to feed someone as it is to ‘share the word.’ Some churches even straight up preach that it’s sinful to just ‘help’ the homeless or people like this. That you’re in the wrong unless you’re preaching to them – and I could argue why that’s obnoxious from a theological standpoint, but that’s a different discussion altogether.

    Anyway, that’s a tl;dr way of saying: Yes, you’re right. Groups like this are doing it wrong. Some do it right, but they don’t get attention.

    • Zach says:

      Thanks for your response Denise, it’s incredibly well thought and well written. I completely agree with you. I hope to hear more from you, and I wish you the best!

      • Denise says:

        Thank you! I tend to ramble, but I try to get my point across. This was a good post, and whether one is secular or theist, I think most logical people can agree that the showoff missionary work helps absolutely no one.

  10. Ted says:

    heya, outstanding blog site, and an amazing understand! at least one for my bookmarks.

  11. Luis says:


  12. Gene says:

    Absolutely love the new layout. I enjoyed the content. Thank you for this marvelous blog post.

  13. Jack says:

    I must commend you on such an informative article, but I must comment on one thing.
    While atheism doesn’t indicate faith, it does indicate a blind belief in something that has neither been proven nor disproven.
    Incidentally, this is the very same reason the majority of scientists, myself included, are agnostic. We are aware of what’s scientifically correct and has been established, but at the same time we know perfectly well that there remain many error-strewn theories and reasonable doubt remains with regards to the existence of a higher being.
    The idea of religion is to motivate a person outside of reality, relying on faith. It’s obviously impossible for a higher being to contribute daily to the life of the human population.
    Until we can prove beyond reasonable doubt the existence and evolution of all living and non-living things, we cannot disregard the possibility of the existence of a higher being.
    In conclusion, I’m sorry to have to tell you- atheism is a blind belief in the same way that devout Christianity is.

  14. Virginia Kavanaugh says:

    I would like to comment from a position of one who experienced what it was like to be on the receiving end of mission work in a poor country….I grew up in this invironment when my mother converted to Jehovahs Witness. We were severly inctrinated,no other religion was permitted in our lives, it was an obligation to engage in “fieldwork” door to door preaching,the usual festivities and celebrations were forbidden …Christmas, Easter.national day observance etc,Unlike other missions who along with indoctrination ,gives food clothing ,medecines, these people do none of that……….their whole mantra is to remove ones self from this “present world system” because the New world is at hand…So my mother was not encourraged to give us an education,We got no financial help,she had to work as well as put in a specific number of hours each month in door to door,preaching……………We reaceived regular training in how to convince even the most unfreindly householder of Jehovahs message………the designated themes for each period ,were sent down from the head quarters in Brooklyn NY. Im no longer a member of this org.but I still feel like something was taken from me as a child ,What it was I can only guess, was it the mother who scarsely had time for her children? was it the fesivities we as humans need to be a part of? was it the constant feeling of not belonging to this world? Im not an atheist ,I do feel there is a higher power,but do these foreign cult,religions,groups really understand the harm that is done in GODS name??….

    • Zach says:

      Thank you so much for this post. It’s amazing to see the story from your point of view. I’m sorry you went through this, but I’m happy you found a way out of it. I hope to hear more from you Virginia, and I wish you the best,


  15. Rex says:

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  17. Iurincich says:

    Yes, your right rich middle class western christians from first world countries like the US going to these countries to spread first world western values is wrong.But I have to ask what have you done to help the poor in your own country?

  18. Aaliyah says:

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  19. francis says:

    Hi. We are making a video about Africans, and were wanting to use the photo of the starving children that is found on your page, but didn’t know if there is any copyright restrictions. Please would you e-mail and let me know if this is OK. Thanks!

  20. What did you vote for? Hope and change? What the hell is that? Or was he the right color? Tell the truth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  21. mathue frug says:

    hi, i just want to say that we should all try to help others .. and if we are trying to help others we should just help them , not teach them how to live like us , or whom to warship….. thats just an ego . we are not better off because we are closer to GOD/ESS ,, we are better off because poverty is a well thought out plan by some the governments and corporations ,, why is it that most of the starving people are african if its not racism ???

  22. Jan Karsten says:

    Can I ask you a simple question? Have you been to any other churches? Maybe there are churches who go to Namibia and they don’t achieve something, but what is the whole point? If the country is already Christian, why would they go? They are spending money to go there, so finances insn’t the cause. Maybe they want to spread a new kind of worship to the people? I don’t know.

    When you say that the missionaries don’t achieve what they are supposed to, what do you mean. The people in Africa do not have any hope or religion. If they die, they die. end of story. These people attach no value to life! Which is why they start war so easily, and kill without a concious. When Christianity is taught, the people value lives, and live in peace. Any idiot can build a house or feed some people. But when you give them faith as well, you give them a new start.

    I am just a 16-year old who wanted to share what I thought. Today I will be having a fund-raiser for a Christian charity. They will use the money I get to feed people, give them farming supplies and domestic animals. But it is not these things that will make the greatest difference. It is the message of Faith.

  23. Christina says:

    I wept when I read your article- because I am a Christian and I very much agree with you. The church today has been warped and diluted into an ugly hybrid of Jesus and the American dream- serving when it is convenient and only to feed their appetite for self righteousness and the idea that “if I’m good enough- I get to live forever”. But this isn’t what Jesus meant for it to be at all.
    Jesus wants His church to love, period. Not to win people, not to build the biggest church, not to make the most money- but because Jesus loves us all: sinners and saints, suburban house wives and starving African children, politicians and terrorists. We are a family and we should take care of one another like a family.
    I understand your aversion to the idea of indoctrination, especially hearing the idea of church you’ve grown up with- I’d say screw it too. But God’s love is more important than bread and water- It is our purpose in life- everyone’s, not just Christians. Human beings were designed to be in a relationship with God- and sharing the good news that Jesus made that relationship possible is just as much a part of taking care of people as bringing them food and water: not forcing, not making our help conditional on them accepting- but loving the best way we know how.
    I respect you a lot Zach- whether you realize it or not, you’re much closer to understanding who God is than the people from your church. God is love- and you understand what loving people looks like. Your spirit has a desire to know the real God, not the one who lives in mega churches- but the one who loves the lepers and the outcasts. Look for God- don’t think Christians are Jesus- we are human, and we have a tendency to give Him a bad name. I love you!
    A book you might be interested in reading: The Irresistible Revolution by Shane Claiborne.

  24. Stephanie says:

    I just randomly happened uppon this page ,Some of this is very true.Id like to say a few things with no intension of offending anyone.I am 18 and i have allways wanted to be a missionary even before i got saved (if that makes any sense) i have a deep want in me to take care of people anywhere really.I have been poor,suffered through hunger,,contemplated suicide ,been sexually abused ect..but i know i havnt suffered like some.Personally i think that its good to bring the word of God to people everywhere because beleive it or not it gives you something to hope for that we’re not all here to just suffer through life, i know thats what it did for me and i carry that hope with me.Also dont let religion block your belief if you want to know about God read the Bible if you dont understand it get the NLV(new living version) nothing is changed its just translated into new english =) i know it helped me.I am not very religeous ive got a personal relationship with Jesus i dont really go to church often but i Know there is a God and what purpose of living would there be if there wasnt…..

  25. Dominic says:

    Don’t let other peoples mistakes cause you to abandon the Lord Jesus Christ. All Christians make mistakes. I challenge you to be a follower of the Lord Jesus and show us how to be that great man of God that you were meant to be?

  26. Sarah says:

    I totally agree with all you atheists! I think every one needs to watch Ancient Aliens! A documentary about the ancients and how the Gods Christians and Catholics worship are actually extra terrestrials!

    • alex palchick says:

      sarah, all of those shows on discovery, among others about ancient alians and the “missing books” are all shams desighned to get paid and keep people who like gossip coming back to them, their is no solid proof of aliens, area 51 is a joke, it is a conspirocy thoery, the missing books, simply put were written in the century after jesus lived their for were written by people try to get reconised, they placed an appolstles name on it and claimed it (in case you would try to use those in a rebuttle), here is the facts if you read the new testimate and realy pay attension you will see that their is no way they worshiped aliens.
      hope to here from you soon and GOD Bless,

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